domingo, 22 de março de 2020

Air pollution falls as outbreak slows travel, but scientists warn of longer-term threat

The coronavirus pandemic is shuttidown entire countries across the world, causing a significant decline in air pollution in major cities as heads of state implement stricter quarantines and travel restrictions.

The unintended air pollution declines from the virus outbreak are just temporary, experts say.

But the pandemic's unintended climate impact offers a glimpse into how countries and corporations are equipped to handle the slower-moving but destructive climate change crisis. So far, researchers warn that the world is ill-prepared. 

"As for the environmental benefits we see from the slowdown of day-to-day life and economic activity in terms of improving air quality and other slight benefits, it's a good sign that our ecosystems are somewhat resilient if we don't completely destroy them," said Peter Gleick, a climate scientist and founder of the Pacific Institute in Berkeley, California. "But it would be nice if we could improve our environment without having to cripple our economy," he added. —Emma Newburger

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